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Baby Steps!

So, you’re stuck on how to get started on your way to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been there and done that! After many starts and failures, I found that the best way to start a new journey and keep it going is to take baby steps. What do I mean by that? Well, basically it means to start your journey with establishing one new habit at a time. However, before you make that first big step, you must come up with a plan.  I highly recommend making a list of all the new healthy habits you want to add to your new life.  Some examples:

  • drink X amount of ounces of water per day
  • eat a well-balanced breakfast to rev up your metabolism
  • gradually cut down your soda/alcohol intake
  • gradually switch from simple carbohydrates  to complex carbs
  • reduce consumption of red meat and replace with a greater variety of lean proteins
  • add more fruit and vegetables to your meals
  • switch from a serving of milk chocolate to a serving of dark chocolate
  • pack your own meals for work
  • pack your own 100-200 calorie snacks into individual serving Ziploc bags (fruit, nuts, string cheese)
  • before going out to eat, look up the restaurant menu online and choose you meal before you get to the restaurant
  • don’t be afraid to ask for healthier substitutions at restaurants
  • split an entrée with your dinner guest
  • invest in a food scale to learn about proper portions
  • gradually park further away from the front door of public places (work, stores, etc) to sneak in more exercise
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • walk X amount of steps per day
  • do exercises (jog in place, imaginary jump rope, sit ups, push ups, walk up and down your staircase, tricep dips on the coffee table, calf raises, hands-free stand-up sit-downs on sofa) during all commercial  breaks of your favorite tv shows, instead of fast-forwarding through them
  • walk around the block, neighborhood, trail with your family, friend, dog, or your favorite music
  • play outside with your children,  friends, or pets
  • anytime you use your phone (talk or text), walk instead of sitting still
  • instead of emailing your co-worker in the same office, walk over and talk to them
  • get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  •  develop new hobbies to keep your mind from getting bored and turning to food for entertainment
  • start a journal and track your emotions to learn about your relationship with your food as well as with yourself
  • track your foods (including nutrient info) to keep yourself accountable for your choices
  • brush and floss your teeth after dinner to encourage you to avoid late-night snacking
  • join an online weightloss community to meet like-minded people

Once you come up with your list, prioritize it the way you think will be most successful for you and start marking them off one by one at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you stay committed to each new habit, you will start seeing some very positive changes in yourself. This will motivate you to continue these good habits which will inspire you to do even more great things for yourself!

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