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Motivation Strikes Again!

on September 20, 2012

It’s funny how one simple thing can change your whole perspective on something.

Yesterday started off like every other day – waking up way too early, drink coffee to help pry the eyes open from sleep, feed the boys breakfast, send the oldest one off to school, and come back home and do the typical stay-at-home-mom routine.

Then, I get a text from my little sister.

She informed me that she took some progress photos and wanted know if I could see a difference in her body composition. Holy cow, what a transformation! I was blown away. I had seen her in early August and now she looks like a completely different person! She had struggled with her weight for the last 3 years after being diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. The doctors put her on all sorts of meds known to slow weight loss/cause weight gain which only complicates her medical condition! But, she showed those doctors and medicine who was boss!! I am so proud of her. What an inspiration!

 After looking at the pictures, I did lots of thinking and realized that I was ready to push myself a little harder.  I mean, if my sister can do it with the battle going on inside her body, I surely can!! So, I dusted off  the P90X+ program that I was going to start in October and studied the workout schedule. All of the sudden, I felt giddy about the idea of working out with Tony Horton on a daily basis again. Then I promised myself  to start the program on Monday (easier to track the program on the Beachbody workout calendar). Of course, I had already plan to switching the workouts around to make sure that I would be able to do my weekly weight training sessions at the gym.

 Then, it was time to go the gym for this week’s session. My trainer asked me “Remember a few weeks ago you had asked me about adding a second training session?” I said “Yes, why?” He then responded by telling me that he thinks that it might be possible now. We did a great upper body workout then he introduced me to the personal trainer sales manager. After lots of talking, I signed a new one year contract for personal training  that allows me two sessions per week at a great rate! I’m so happy!! I paid for the first month (8 sessions) and last month (8 sessions)  so I already have 17 sessions to use (one leftover from my once per week contract) with 8 more being added on the 17th of October. With the yummy holiday season approaching, I may use this surplus to do training sessions 3x/week every so often. This will involve splitting the Upper Body workout into a Push workout and a Pull workout. We will work legs once per week, since my trainer always trains them really hard!

That night, my trainer called and thanked me for believing in him and his method. He then told me that my request to add a second session was what motivated him to stay as an employee with the gym.  It was nice hearing that I, a mere client, inspired my trainer to make a very important decision in his career.

So, with this new exciting change in events, I will be holding off on starting the P90X+ program until I feel like I can handle the extra workload.  I will  continue to use the Jillian Michaels dvds, various Beachbody workouts, and the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest to further improve my cardio endurance and core. I will let my trainer handle all the resistance work!


One response to “Motivation Strikes Again!

  1. ufgatorgrad says:

    I am so proud of you! You were my motivation! I wish we could go to the gym together! I had such and awesome time with you and learning from you trainer. Love you!

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