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Playing Catch up!

on November 14, 2012

Wow, I have neglected this blog. Bad, FHM, bad!!!

Life has been pretty crazy since my last post. Long story short, we’ve been dealing with family illnesses and injuries, welcoming babies to the world (not me!), and working through some personal issues. We’ve made progress on every thing, so all we have to do now is make it through this frigid cold feast-filled holiday season!

I can not believe 2012 is almost over. 2013 will be here in 7 weeks. SEVEN WEEKS!! Its been a while since I’ve made a new years resolution and stuck to it, but I am going to be bold and make one for the upcoming year. It’s a simple resolution…and it is to write a post on here at a bare minimum of once per week! This means I will be making this blog a priority because it is something I need for my mental health. I also promise to be more open. This means I might not always be cheerful or optimistic. This is ok because I am a real person with real feelings. Hiding behind a smile won’t help me feel better, but writing my feelings down will definitely speed up the healing process!

Anyway, as well as sharing more of myself on here, I will continue to post healthy recipes. I will also start posting more about my exercise routines, both at home and at the gym. This will help me document my progression as well as hopefully inspire readers to join in on the fun!


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